What is Touch Typing?

Touch typing is the ability to type without looking at the keyboard, being a touch typist allows you to work faster, to concentrate on what you are doing rather than hunting for keys, and, to someone who can’t touch type it makes you look an absolute professional when your fingers fly over the keyboard at lightning speed while you are looking elsewhere.

Learning to type correctly is a skill that you can master, it requires correct instruction to learn, a little discipline to get started and then plenty of practice to improve your speed and accuracy.


How do I learn to type correctly?

Our solution which has taught hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers is Touch Typist typing tutor. Touch Typist is a computer aided learning package which provides you with the tuition, the practice material, and plenty of feedback on your progress as you learn what could be one of the most beneficial and time saving skills you will ever learn. By purchasing Touch Typist typing tutor and making regular use of the software, you will soon start to develop the ability to type without looking at the keyboard, and like riding a bike, touch typing is a skill that once learned, you never forget.


Is it easy to learn Touch Typing?

Software cannot teach you without any effort on your part, typing is not a skill you can buy and install. Your first lessons will seem like a backward step as you start to work on building your accuracy.

You will learn to put accuracy first and develop speed later. It takes about two hours to cover the whole keyboard, the rest of your practice can then be used to develop speed and accuracy.

You can see that although we provide the tool to create or develop your typing skills, it can’t be done without you agreeing to learn, but then if you didn’t want to learn, you wouldn’t be here at this website.


How do I buy Touch Typist?

We have two purchase options a CD version where you’ll have to wait for a Disc to arrive in the post. Our second option is to Download our software which when run will prompt you to purchase and unlock the software automatically.