Touch Typist typing tutor has been reviewed in several computer magazines over the years, all of them being favourable reviews.


Here are some of the comments taken from these typing tutor reviews, each one taken from a different magazine or reviewer. These reviews are of various versions of Touch Typist typing tutor which has constantly been improved and extended over the years, the final product is a typing tutor that is guaranteed to work.


“Touch Typist is a well presented and useful utility which includes the professional polish of good quality software.”

“It’s great value for money and, compared with Intellitype® and Mavis Beacon® (it’s closest rivals), it’s a lot more straightforward and rewarding to use.”

“Very user friendly, Gives a sense of achievement, Straightforward lessons, Flexible lesson plan, Covers all levels of ability.”

“Touch Typist is a fine piece of software which achieves what it sets out to be.”

“Touch Typist operates smoothly and at an impressive speed.”

“There are no fluffy distractions like car racing games or other frippery.”

“As a program, Touch Typist is great. Even the hardened journos around the office clamoured to test their dexterity against the machine (and quite a few had little to boast about)”

“It is well written, extremely user-friendly, nicely presented and stimulating to use.”

“As for features Touch Typist is almost over qualified, tremendous value for money. To improve your skills look no further than Touch Typist.”


From these reviews you can see that Touch Typist was well received by the various educational software reviewers. We are currently planning to send the software out again to the various computer and educational magazines for review this year, we will include scans of those reviews on this page as soon as they are published.


Whether you are looking at improving your typing skills for work, learning to make you work faster at home or simply wanting to improve your skills in taking typing tests for job applications, Touch Typist can provide you with the lessons, the tuition and the guidance needed to make using a computer keyboard more efficient than it is at the moment. Touch Typist is suitable for not only general computer training but it is widely accepted as a valuable tool for training people with special education needs.


Latest News: We are developing our own free typing tests for online use, this should be added to the website shortly. In the meantime please look around the rest of the site as you decide that learning to type correctly is one of the best things you can do if you use a computer.


Magazine reviewers, if you would like to feature Touch Typist in your publication then please contact David at Sector Software on 01772 454328. We are especially interested in speaking with reviewers for educational publications, general computer magazines and special needs guides.